Sunday, October 31, 2010

Couple called 'swine' by wedding officiant

The Toronto Sun article explains that a Swiss couple renewing their vows got "counselling" as well.
The unidentified Swiss couple were renewing their vows at the Vilu Reef resort as the officiant calls the couple "swine" and "infidels".
Here's a news clip with part of the video-the rest doesn't deserve to be rebroadcast:

Yet another example of religion's attitude to marriage when those involved don't conform to the religion's rules. Whether it's the gender of the couple or their diet and prayer choices, religion gives itself a free pass to incite intolerance and mockery of others.

If this keeps up societies should give serious thought to putting religious practitioners on "time out" and suspending their opportunity to have their marriages recognized by the state until they can respect the marriages of others.

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