Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thoughts on "Burn a Koran Day"

No lengthy missives here just a few quick thoughts:

1. It is better for believers to burn books than other believers

2. Book burning is historically typical behaviour for those of the Abrahamic religious persuasion-this isn't a new development, but more typical than the recent period of religious restraint.

3. Those that are attacking and injuring christians to revenge themselves against Terry Jones are exhibit A in the discussion on "What is wrong with religion".

4.Those of the christian persuasion who said they would distribute Qur'ans for every one that Jones burned are lucky that the judeo-christian god doesn't actually exist, him being a jealous god and all. It shows their lack of actual belief in the sacred and how instead it is a business for them, one where they don't want their clients hurt or their cashflow affected.

5. How can a man who captured international media attention with few resources have been suckered in by the schoolyard ruse of "you go first, then I'll do it too."

6. The international media needs to stop CNN'ing everything 24/7 and whipping up people-or it should be held responsible for the consequences that arise from such actions.

That is all-a good night to everyone.


  1. Circus act of the week.

    It's a shame people died, but maybe this new Western trend of blaspheming Islam in silly ways will eventually wear the moderate Muslims out and convince them to demand more civilized behavior of their more devout neighbors.

    I hope it doesn't take too long.

  2. I think the constant media barrage of "Isn't this awful? Isn't this shocking?" can also have the effect of turning mostly moderate people into people who are agitated. Even here in Canada, so many people that I talk to feel the need to have a strong opinion about the "Ground Zero mosque".

    When you ask them how this came to be important to them, it was all about the news reports and interviews and opinion pieces that they had watched.

    I think there needs to be a call for more responsibility on the part of the media so that the moderate/extreme line doesn't get blurred more often in the future with negative results for all of us.

    That said I hope as well that the killing of innocent co-religionists doesn't become a more common event.